The Aerial Graslan® Performance Guarantee


Peace of mind with the Aerial Graslan® Performance Guarantee
Graham Fossett, an independent mapping consultant in the FMC Graslan Team.

Peace of mind with the Aerial Graslan® Performance Guarantee

In June 1986 Graslan® herbicide was launched for aerial application to control brigalow re-growth with the first commercial application carried out north of Dingo on “Palmalmal” in central Queensland.

Today aerial application of Graslan is a full-service model unique to northern Australia and Graslan is the only tebuthiuron herbicide in the market with a written performance guarantee forming part of the contract with the grazier.

Ever wondered how this guarantee came to be?

Due to some efficacy issues on heavy clay soils Graslan was re-evaluated in 1990–92. Following another three years of trial work looking in more detail at rates on clay soils, Graslan was re-launched in 1999.

Back then, both Governments and the APVMA would only register Aerial Graslan if the company had total control of the application process.
And so, the unique performance guarantee was started in 1999, alongside a full-service model including mapping, application supervision and use of an accredited aerial applicator – a service that continues today.

“Because we had complete control from manufacture to application, we were able to offer a quality guarantee,” said Graham Fossett, an independent mapping consultant in the FMC Graslan Team. “This also enabled us to address any efficacy issues that may have arisen.”

“The written performance guarantee remains a critical part of the Graslan offer to this day.”

“It means that FMC will treat an equivalent area of regrowth with Graslan (at FMC’s expense), to that area not achieving a commercially acceptable level of control.”

“Treating regrowth is a large upfront outlay and the written guarantee gives graziers peace of mind that they’ll get a result from their investment,” he added.

FMC continue to partner with independent local specialists with over 100 years combined experience, who are responsible for on-farm paddock inspections pre and post application.

“There’s a number of us in the team who’ve been working with the product here in Queensland for over 30 years,” said Graham.

He recalls the Queensland government’s (DPI) Woodland Clearing Strategy Trial near Dingo in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

“The trial compared tree clearing by bulldozer, aerially applied Graslan and Tordon® TCH stem injection,” he said. “The best level of woody plant control and pasture response was Graslan, and it’s been the go-to control for Brigalow regrowth and associated woody weeds for the past three decades.”

November 2020